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Valuable Research

A small guide to informed purchases of useful researches for corporate decision making.

Market research, in its broadest sense, is born and developed with the aim of reducing the risk associated with a decision, whether it concerns investments (eg communication and advertising), the area of R & D and innovation or the not simple allocation of internal resources to the company. Research is an insurance policy, against the risk of making decisions in the dark. This brochure offers a series of answers to the questions posed by companies: "How to evaluate the consistency of a research project? Which hypotheses to start from? Which methodology is best suited to my needs? " And the answer to these questions almost always rests on the ROI of Market Research or the risks that investments run. The value of the decisions made on the basis of Market Research is therefore the compass that can guide their choice. Assirm is historically committed to ensuring the respect and diffusion of quality standards for the market of researches. This initiative by Assirm was born precisely to be able to reason in a rational way on these matters. It is a small guide, a note that intends to make a contribution to the debate between Companies and the industry of research. An incentive to increase the awareness of companies and professionals on the mechanisms and opportunities, as well as the critical aspects of market research.


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