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The Assirm Quality Standards Committee

The Association plays a fundamental role in the qualification of the activity of its members, as well as in the diffusion of the research culture in Italy.

The ASSIRM Quality Standards and the Code of Professional Ethics intend to formalize the best practices of market research in Italy. The objective is to dictate the standards of quality research and to identify the criteria for determining and verifying it, contributing to providing the stakeholders with clear parameters of identification of reliable and serious companies that operate within the industry, whether or not they are ASSIRM members.

A primary role in achieving these goals is carried out by the ASSIRM Quality Standards Committee, a Corporate Body with its own Regulations,  which fulfills the following tasks:

• to update the Quality Standards and the Code of Professional Ethics of the Association

• to issue the Certificate of Conformity to the quality standards of the Association

• to promote the drafting and spread of the specific rules that serve to identify the scope of competence within which member companies can operate.

The current Assirm Quality Standards Committee was elected by the Assembly of Members in December 2017 and will last in office for the period 2018/20.

In order to guarantee the qualification of the activity of Members, the Assirm Statute dictates that Members who are not certified according to the ISO Standard and do not intend to proceed with this certification, must obtain, within 12 months from the date of registration to the Association, the Assirm Quality Certification.

The Association annually verifies the adhesion of the Members to the Quality Standards by requesting a Self-Declaration of Conformity to the Assirm Code of Research and requires a copy of the certification in order to check its validity.

The Association, through the Quality Standards Committee, releases to Members complying with the ISO certification or the Assirm Quality Certification, the Accreditation Logo for the current year and the Certificate of Conformity.



Assirm Quality Program
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Regulations of the Assirm Quality Standards Committee