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The Assirm disciplinary board


Disciplinary Board Regulations

Assirm has adopted a Disciplinary Board, an independent Social Bodycomposed of three regular members and two substitutes, with the following tasks:  

  •  deliberation on ethical disputes, based on the violation of the provisions of the Statute, the Code of Ethics, standards, rules of conduct and quality procedures established by the Quality Standards Committee, which concern the subjects referred to in art. 18 of the bylaws and art. 5 of this Regulation. Excluded from the aforesaid area are disputes in progress or potential disputes concerning the conduct of the aforementioned parties, concerning the fulfillment of contractual obligations towards clients, which are not relevant for the protection of the collective interests of the Members. The discrepancy of the contractual conditions that regulate the relationship with the client, with respect to the norms of the Statute, of the Code of Ethics, of standards, rules of conduct and quality procedures established by the Quality Committee, falls within the disciplinary Board's competences. In the event of a judicial or arbitral dispute, the disciplinary proceedings may also be carried out, provided that it concerns a dispute pertaining to the Disciplinary Board, as defined in the previous period;
  • to decide on situations of conflict of interest concerning the relationships among Members, or between Members and the Association, or its bodies, or individual members of the same;
  • to expresse, where requested, opinions on the interpretation and / or application of the Statute of the Association, the Code of Ethics or Regulations , at the request of a Body of the Association.

The Board is activated upon request, denunciation, notification, which must not be anonymous, and must also be written and sufficiently detailed and documented, of one or more Members, or of third parties outside the Association, or of Bodies of the Association.Requests / reports must be sent to the Association for an initial evaluation by writing to - info@assirm.it

The Board can resolve the following sanctions:

  • written reminder;
  • suspension from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 1 year, followed by publication on the Association website for the entire duration of the suspension.
  • expulsion, published on the Association website for a period of one year, except for the case of readmission.

The decision to expel a Member by the Board will be subject to ratification by the Assembly, which will make it executive. The rules of the Disciplinary Board apply to all ASSIRM members, who are required to sign them for acceptance.