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The Assirm Certification Process

The Assirm Quality Certification is a service for the exclusive use of Members, not ISO certified, who document, through a periodic verification activity, the correct application of the Code of Professional Ethics and of the Quality Standards.

Following the successful outcome of the verification, the Association issues the Certificate of Conformity which is valid for two years and authorizes the use of the Assirm Accreditation Logo ( read here its Discipline of use ) in the communication activities of the Member. 

For further details and information about the costs of the service, please contact the Secretariat - info@assirm.it - +39 02 58315750

To obtain the Assirm Quality Certification (Certificate of Conformity), all Members must send a formal request to the Secretariat, available among the attached documents, specifying: The person in charge who will follow the auditor during the visit; the headquarters or executive offices involved in the Certification; the activities carried out and the processes which are to be audited (including those outsourced or contracted). Upon receipt of the request, Assirm will send to the Member the best rate for the realization of the activities. Acceptance of the protocol and of the rate will start the process. The audit will be carried out by independent professional auditors, partners of Assirm, who operate according to the Protocol, which you can download here, defined with the Association and approved by it. The report on the results of the audits will be transmitted by the auditor to the Quality Standards Committee and to the Member. The report will be treated in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 - a Code regarding the protection of personal data - and all those who will be allowed to know the results of the report will be required to respect their confidentiality and not to disclose them. In the event that the outcome of the audit is positive, the Quality Standards Committee will issue the Certificate of Conformity to the Assirm Quality Standards and authorize the Member to use the Certificate and the Assirm Accreditation logo in compliance with the relative rules (format, mode, etc.) The Assirm Certificate of Conformity is valid for a period of two years to date from its acquisition. At the end of the two-year period it will have to be renewed through a new auditing process. Any Non-Conformities detected by the auditor will be classified according to their relevance and seriousness. In the case of slight non-conformities, the outcome of the report will be positive, subject to resolution of the non-conformities which have been found. The Quality Standards Committee will issue the Certification and the Member will undertake to implement the Corrective Actions necessary to ensure that these Non-Conformities are eliminated during the audit for the renewal of the Certification (at the end of the two-year period). In the case of serious Non-Conformities, the outcome of the report will be negative and will specify the critical Non-Conformities found and the points of the disregarded Assirm Quality Standards. This result will mean the suspension of the Certification for a maximum period of 6 months, after which the second audit will have to be carried out. The Member undertakes to carry out, within this period of time, the Corrective Actions necessary to eliminate the detected Non-Conformities and obtain a positive evaluation of adequacy. If the outcome of the second audit is also negative, the Quality Standards Committee will examine the case for the purpose of a possible third and final audit. In the event of a negative outcome of the definitive audit, the Quality Standards Committee will report the case to the Board of Directors of Assirm, which will be responsible for the final decision.


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