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Role and functions

The Assirm Research and Training Center ( RTC ) was founded in December 2005 as an external body to the Association becoming, in 2011, a Body of the Association in all respects with the aim of developing the professional culture and the good practices of Market and Social Research, and to promote its image and value among clients and public opinion.

To achieve these objectives the activities of the RTC are developed according to three main lines of action:
  • training (classes, seminars) addressed to the community of institute researchers and client companies;
  • editing of publications and organization of events (conferences, thematic meetings) of particular relevance and current affairs aimed at enhancing and promoting the image of Market and Social Research among all the stakeholders;
  • promotion of know-how exchange between the professional world and training agencies both in the area of basic training (degree), and in the area of advanced training (post-graduate, master's degree, research doctorate...).
The RTC is coordinated by a Director, elected by the Board of Directors of Assirm, who proposes a program and takes care of its implementation in the form approved by the Board itself.

The Director of the RTC is Guendalina Graffigna.


Regulations of the Assirm Research and Training Center