Nextplora S.r.l.

Certificate n. AA 31229

V.le Toscana, 13/B
20136 Milano
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Founded in 2000
Registered Capital € 210.526,00 i.v.

Nextplora is the Insight Management Agency. We produce knowledge through the active smart data management, which for companies translates into utility to achieve the best business results and to make effective choices in marketing.

To achieve this we have developed exclusive methods and we use the most advanced technologies to translate analysis into insights oriented to data enhancement.

In a global market where sustainability, customization and customer satisfaction are increasingly central, this means creating:

  • products that are more useful and functional to the needs of people;
  • brand with a marked personality;
  • services aimed at improving the lives of everyone.

Nextplora was founded in 2000, and associated with  Assirm, which has achieved the Quality Certification since 2011.

Nextplora works with more than 70 Italian and multinational companies active in the fields of manufacturing, services and media.


Andrea Giovenali CEO and Founder
Massimo Nicolini COO
Claudio Mesi CFO
Bruno Lagomarsino New Business

OWNED PANEL Idee&Opinioni

Nextplora has been managing an owned community - Idee&Opinioni - constitued by more than 60.000 people who want to express their ideas and contribute with their opinions since 2000. It is employed only for the research needs of our clients only, by an extensive experience in the recruitment and relationship management, strict quality controls according to the ESOMAR guidelines, that make this resource one of the points of strength and differentiation of Nextplora. An owned panel is a guarantee for our customers: 
- Improved quality control and reliability of the results
- Increased efficiency in process and cost of the projects. 

Nextplora adopts quantitative and statistical research, and has given rise to new qualitative research methodologies that involve the active engagement of users in dedicated environments.


I3 - Insight al Cubo

Nextplora's solution to understand people's needs, their values and market opportunities. The tool to identify innovation within a marketing planning process, for the development of brand and digital strategy.

BMI - Brand & Media Intelligence

Nextplora's solution to investigate the return of your advertising and media investments by testing the effects and results of marketing actions related to: the message, the digital, classic and unconvential media, the events, the digital touch points.


Nextplora's "First Party Data" solution to increase the value and loyalty of each of your customers in CRM, increase the ROI of automated digital advertising campaigns (programmatic), and increase conversion and sales on your touch points and digital POS.


Nextplora's solution to produce insights and build in-house knowledge of the customer's reference market, accessing the panel Idee & Opinioni for your research needs, data production and enhancement of your CRM, with a high degree of efficiency, speed and autonomy.