Assirm, founded in 1991, is the Association that brings together the major Italian companies that perform Market Research, Opinion Polls and Social Research.

Objectives of the Association:
  • Knowledge Safeguard
  • Development of institutional relations for the protection of the interests of the industry
  • Enhance the role and social function of market, social and opinion research 
  • Promote and foster the growth of the quality of service offered by its Members
The Members are private and independent companies, committed to compliance with the Assirm Code of Professional Ethics and related Quality Standards, inspired by ISO 20252 industry standards and updated by the Assirm Quality Committee. The Code regulates the activities of the institutes and complements the one of Esomar, the International Association of Market Research, with rules pertaining to the activities of the institutes. 

In its institutional activity, Assirm collaborates with Universities and with various associations of researchers and scholars, such as Efamro, of which it is part, and Esomar and EphMRA. Assirm is also a Member of Confindustria Intellect, the Italian Federation of  "communication, consulting, research, web publishing", within Confindustria.

In 1997 ASSIRM Servizi S.r.l. was born, a company that provides services and projects consistent with the aims of the Association.

The Assembly held on December 19, 2017 elected Matteo Lucchi as Chairman of Assirm.


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