Format Research S.r.l.

Certificate n. AI 31207

Via Ugo Balzani, 77
00162 Roma
Phone 06
Fax 06

Founded in 1992
Registered Capital € 25.850,00 i.v.
Format Business Intelligence S.r.l.  Via Sebastiano Caboto 22a 33170 Pordenone

Format is active since 1992. Conducts social and economic studies on such issues as industrial policy, trends and changes in economics and local societies.

Works for: Ministries and Agencies of the Italian Government, Italian Chambers of Commerce, Associations of entrepreneurs and employees, Industries, National and International Credit Institutions, for other public and private subjects and Research Institutions.


-Ad hoc studies, designed and carried out based on the client's specific needs;

-Multi-client surveys, on issues of general interest identified by researchers of our institute and proposed on sale by Format to a number of public and private entities;

-Omnibus surveys, periodic survey on Italian and European firms and citizens;

-International surveys.

Certification ISO 9001:2008 (Certifying Agency DNV; Accredia)


Pierluigi Ascani Chairman - Senior Research
Maurizio Pisacane Board member - Field Manager
Cinzia Katja Vitelli Board member - EDP Analyst
Barbara Di Cosimo Researcher Economist
Daniele Serio Researcher Statistician
Gaia Petrucci Researcher Sociologist

Areas of Specialization

Social and Political. Economic surveys on businesses. Public administration and public services.  Communication. Media. Information technology. Publishing. Electronics. Agriculture. Chemical-Pharmaceutical industry. Alimentation-Food industry. Health. Automotive. Economic and Financial. Energy and environment.

Research areas

Opinion analysis. Basic Research. Image Studies. Customer satisfaction. Strategic Research. Specific target research. Research on consumption behaviour. Quality Research. Mystery shopping. Forecasting models. Panel.


Quantitative Analysis (Face to Face with Capi system, phone interviews with Cati system, web interviews with Cawi system);

Qualitative Analysis (individual interviews, focus group, mystery shopping, desk analysis).

Format Srl provides the Client with the procedures for the selection of partners from time to time used to the collection of data via phone, F2F etc.


  • Esomar (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)
  • Confcommercio
  • Assirm – Confindustria (Association of Marketing and Public Opinion Research Institutes)
  • SIS - Italian Society for Statistics
  • Asseprim