Our Association works alongside companies that invest in market research, so it was necessary to give all clients a strong signal of quality and a clear message: buying data and information from companies which are members of ASSIRM is cheaper and safer and constitutes a guarantee to protect the investment.
It allows you to immediately identify an ASSIRM member and therefore a company that is committed to respecting ethical and quality principles.
The ASSIRM Quality Standards and the Code of Ethics intend to formalize the best practices of market research in Italy. The primary objective is to dictate the standards of quality research, identify the criteria for determination and verification, helping to provide stakeholders with the clear parameters of identification of companies that operate seriously within the industry.
The Assirm Quality Standards Committee is called to do so, and in addition to updating the Quality Standards, it is required to:

• issue the Certificate of Conformity and the related accreditation logo
• promote the drafting and spread of the specific rules that serve to identify the scope of competence within which member companies can operate.
The Chairman and the members of the Quality Standards Committee are elected by the Assembly of Members in order to guarantee the utmost independence of the body.
All companies which are members of ASSIRM are required by statutory rule either to be certified according to ISO Standards or, if they are not, to be subjected to audits, carried out by independent consultants who act according to the protocol defined in agreement with the Quality Standards Committee. Only "non-ISO certified" companies that pass these audits may be authorized to use the Assirm accreditation logo.
The audits are carried out every two years. During the inspection, the "auditor" certifies the correct application of the "Assirm Quality Standards" and the "Code of Ethics".
The report on the results of the audit is transmitted by the "auditor" to the Quality Standards Committee.
Once the certification has been obtained, it is the member company and not the Association that has the responsibility for compliance with the requirements for maintaining the accreditation. The Quality Standards Committee suggests members clients themselves what are the quality standards. The Members undertake to respect them, if they do not, then the clients will judge and decide.
It is, for sure. The Assirm Statute provides for the presence of a Disciplinary Board that is called to sanction those who do not respect our rules. The penalty can go as far as the expulsion of the member. For further information you can consult the Assirm website where we have published the regulations of our Disciplinary Board in the section dedicated to this.
Because the only goal of a research company must be to listen to the opinions of people, not to sell products or services.
All companies that have joined the Association and have accepted the parameters defined by the Quality Standards Committee. Since ASSIRM was created to enhance the market, social and opinion research in Italy, a Member remains so only as long as it respects a basic philosophy that puts the client at the center and that aims to constantly improve the level of supply. However, the quality logos and the certification remain the property of Assirm and the Member is obliged to return them upon request in the event that the Association deems the right to use to has lapsed.
Whoever exhibits the trustmark must continue to maintain the required Quality and Safety standards, doing everything that is possible to satisfy the client, knowing that only by doing so will market research be able to spread safely and securely.
You will have the certainty of having come into contact with a research company that shares the spirit and the rationale of an association created to promote quality research in Italy.
Starting from June 2015 it will be sufficient to click on the stamp and verify that a "Member Profile page" pops up. It is created, specifically on the Assirm website, showing that the membership to the Association is authentic. Also on the "Member Companies" page you can see the complete list of companies which are members of Assirm. If a company is not listed, it means that it is not entitled to use the trustmark.