Eumetra MR S.r.l.

Certificate n. AI 31206

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20123 Milano
Piazza del Popolo, 18
00187 Roma
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Founded in 2015
Registered Capital € 57.470,00 i.v.

Eumetra MR is an independent market research agency, founded by a team of market research professionals from the top research networks, in 2015.

Eumetra MR is a new MR agency, lying at the frontier of innovation. It is a new concept agency, mixing together social and market research, boosting them with high level advisory capacity, and taking advantage from the most advanced Digital & Business Intelligence tools.  

We combine traditional and highly innovative methods, always looking for the most fitting solution to support our Clients in basing their strategies and in taking marketing and communication decisions.

Our main trait is the offer of several big scenario syndicated surveys. This lays the foundation of our knowledge for the various markets where we use to run ad hoc surveys. 


Matteo Lucchi Chairman and CEO

Advisory Board
Remo Lucchi Chairman

Key Sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Fast Moving Consumer Good
  • Gambling
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Environment
  • Media/Entertainment
  • PA/Socio-political
  • Telcom


 Key expertise areas:

  • Analysis of the context - Society and Politics: we support Companies in understanding political and social changes, to better manage the relationship with their stakeholders.
  • Strategy and change: to understand the evolution that affects our society, the consumer and the market, to support Companies' development and innovation strategies.
  • Brand & Com: brand governance and evaluation of communication activities.
  • Customer experience (CS, loyalty, Churn, Consumer Journey): new techniques for the experience analysis, beyond the classic Customer experience models.
  • B2B: reputational research on institutional stakeholders (Opinion Leaders/Influencers, Institutions, Journalists, etc.), research on distribution structures (professional populations such as, for example, Financial Advisors), research on the business target (SB, PMI and Corporate).
  • Pathfinder Eumetra MR: to support Company innovation (testing new concepts, services, positioning).

Key Research Services:

Eumetra MR offers all the fundamental research services:

  • Ad hoc researches, both qualitative and quantitative, on and offline, at national and international level.
  • Syndicated Surveys, taking big pictures of several key Italian Scenarios:
  • WELL-BEING: analyse all the thematic areas related to the "well-being" of Italians: food and drink, health, cosmetics, physical activity, relax and tourism, culture and information, finance, etc.
  • CREA: the integrated service mixing Neuromarketing, standard research and Business Intelligence able to fine tune advertising.
  • DOING BIZ WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES: it helps Companies and Institutions to proactively manage critical issues and opportunities in the relationship with the territory.
  • GAMING for INNOVATION: the game may be a factor of change. Here we analyse scenarios, demand and best practices of the gamification techniques when related to marketing, communication, HR and change management.
  • INSTANT POLL (CATI and CAWI): a research tool for quick and precise insights at a competitive cost. It can be activated in Italy and in other countries as well.
  • MOMS MONITOR: the first syndicated survey able to reach the target of mothers (pregnant women, mothers of kids 0-3 y.o., 4-6 y.o., 7-11 y.o.). For an in depth understanding of the new generation of moms (needs and expectations, levers and barriers, consumption habits and contact channels, etc.). To support Companies in knowing and communicating better with this target.
  • OPINION LEADERS & INFLUENCERS ANALYSIS: an easy and effective way to reach the target of Opinion leaders and Influencers and solving your research needs.
  • PMI 2020: the new ongoing research for the foundation of the relationship and the innovation strategies with small, medium and large business segments.
  • TEC: the new Tracking of Communication Effectiveness to measure the effectiveness of advertising among the "new consumers".
  • NEW MOBILITY: the individual's point of view about the new alternatives of electric and hybrid mobility. The actual demand of electric car, hybrid car, electric motorcycle/scooter, electric bike (E-bike) in Italy.
  • EV TRACKING: current and future barriers hindering the spread of electric cars in Italy.


  • ENERGYSPHERE: the syndicated survey taking the picture of the current households and Companies’ habits and needs related to electricity and gas in Italy. 
  • GREEN HOUSE OBSERVATORY: the first syndicated research dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Domotic among Italian families, intermediaries/influencers and companies.


  • MONEYSPHERE: financial innovation in the Italian market.
  • FINANCIAL ADVISORS: the first research for the segmentation and the analysis of the skills and the needs about the financial advisory system (OCF perimeter) in Italy.


  • INFOSPHERE: THE FUTURE OF INFORMATION: a survey about the "world of information", with the current styles of usage of each single media and the future trends.

Eumetra MR is always investing in Research & Development. Our offer and the services we provide are continuously growing and upgraded.

International network:

Eumetra MR conducts its research activity in more than 100 Countries in the 5 Continents, thanks to the relationship with local partners selected for their high value services.