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The Code of Research

The Assirm Code of Research includes the Code of Professional Ethics, the Quality Standards, the Market Research Glossary and the Privacy Handbook. Through this new tool, Assirm has intended to respond to various needs and in particular:

to offer customers clearer and more objective benchmarks and standards that can help to better understand what it means to "produce quality research";

- to outline with transparency and clarity the ethical and professional perimeter within which the Members can operate and avoid the risk of dilution of the profession;

- to open the Association to the new players who are entering the industry and therefore adapt the regulatory system to the listening methods that the digital revolution has made available and which have joined the traditional ones lately.

The document therefore retains the fundamental principles that have always ensured an ethically correct and responsible behavior by the Members (the Code of Professional Ethics) but it is enriched with updates that ensure that it can also be suitable for research companies that use new technologies. The text has also been revised to be in line with the latest regulatory requirements on privacy (the Privacy Handbook).

The code will continue to operate as a self-regulatory framework, as it has been for decades, for the protection of rights of respondents, primarily, and of customers and researchers.

In fact, we remind that the "Self-declaration of conformity to the Assirm Market Research Code", attached, is signed by all Members at the time of accession and subsequently every year, upon renewal of the registration. The annual subscription of self-declaration takes on the sense of a "renewal of commitment to our rules".

All this implies that starting from January 2017 the disciplinary procedures of ASSIRM will refer to the updated principles regarding any complaints from both the Members and third parties outside the Association.

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